Two Swedish champions play GM-tournament during Uppsala Chess Festival

Two weeks ago, this year’s Swedish Championships were decided in Helsingborg. Two Swedish champions were crowned – Jung Min Seo surprisingly won the “big” Swedish Championship title and in the junior Swedish Championship Ludvig Carlsson won. And both of these newly crowned champions come to Uppsala Chess Festival to play in the grandmaster tournament.

The two silver medalists – experienced Tiger Hillarp and Milton Pantzar – will also play, and young star Platon Galperin from Ukraine and the Romanian Grandmaster Mihail Marin will make interesting starts.

Here is the entire starting field :

  • GM Tiger Hillarp, ​​Sweden, 51 (2542)
  • GM Mihail Marin, Romania, 56 (2502)
  • IM Valerij Kazakovskij, Belarus, 21 (2499)
  • IM Plato Galperin, Ukraine, 18 (2490)
  • IM Jung Min Seo, Sweden, 19 (2453)
  • GM Emil Mirzoev , Ukraine, 25 (2437)
  • IM Milton Pantzar, Sweden, 20 (2421)
  • FM Isak Storme, Sweden, 20 (2397)
  • FM Kaan Küçüksarı, Sweden, 18 (2365)
  • CM Ludvig Carlsson, Sweden, 18 (2258)
Ludvig Carlsson
Jung Min Seo

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