Tournament for amateurs

On August 14, we hope to welcome brand new chess players to our amateur competition. Maybe you have seen “The Queens Gambit” on TV and want to try playing a chess tournament yourself. Or maybe you have played some online chess and want to try your skills “for real”?

In the amateur tournament, you are only welcome if you do not have an international ELO rating.

We will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable with rules and other things during the tournament and hope that you will dare to participate!

The tournament starts at 16.00 on 14 August and is expected to end no later than 19.00. Personal registration no later than 15.30.

Time limit: 15 minutes for the whole game and 5 seconds extra per move.

Fee: SEK 200/€20

Prices: 1) 1500 SEK 2) 1000 SEK 3) 500 SEK. Prize ceremony immediately after the last round is completed.

Register by sending an e-mail with your name to

Registered players

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