Ukraine, Iceland and Sweden on the blitz podium

The traditional blitz tournament was played on Thursday evening. A total of 63 players participated and the atmosphere was at its best, despite the fact that the summer decided that this particular day would be the hottest this year. Guests from as far as Zambia had actually found their way to Uppsala to play 11 rounds of blitz.

Vlad Larkin, Vignir Vatnar and Jung Min Seo ended up on the podium. Rating prizes were won by Per Berggren, Gävle, Martin Trost, SS4 Springare, Alvin Lind Bertéusen, Wasa SK and Jón Úlfur Haftórsson, Oliver Wedenberg and Ture Hultin all from Uppsala SSS.


Vignir Vatnar Stefansson, Vladyslav Larkin and Jung Min Seo.
Kim Nygren playing against the winner to be Larkin.
Uppsala Chess Center was filled with blitz players on Thursday.

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